Exhaust system performance optimization of the domestic electric generating plant


Ohwovoriole C. Henry, Walter O. I and Okpara H. M

Sound is a common part of everyday life, but when a sound is unwanted, it is considered noise. When noise in a room is at unacceptable levels, it can be an annoyance, distracting the occupants and in industry, it results in higher stress levels and decreased productivity. In this study, an exhaust/silencer system, that is capable of reducing exhaust noise, was fabricated for use in a domestic generator. Experiment was carried out with the factory fitted silencer and the fabricated silencer. The fabricated exhaust system was able to reduce noise of 8.06% compared to 4.16% obtained with the factory fitted silencer. Also, the fuel consumption rate of the generator is lower when the fabricated exhaust system is used. This showed that (in the long-run) the new exhaust system would efficiently serve as alternative to the old system.

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