Evaluation of present operational performances of Dams in Nigeria: A case study of Bakolori Dam in Zamfara State


N. W. Makinwa

The Economic development of any Country that aspires to meet the International standard depends on the proper utilization, expansion, and maintenance of the available facilities that are within reach. Such facilities abound in professions like Biotechnology, Bioengineering, and Health care systems, communication systems, transportation systems, Agricultural systems, construction Engineering, Hydro power and Dams. The proper use of the aforementioned facilities is the major secret behind the Economic growth of many countries such as Indian, Spain, China, Brazil, Malaysia, Korea, Germany, Yugoslavia, e.t.c. These countries attained International recognition in all ramification based on their expansion and maintenance of their facilities. This paper examines the present operational performance of Dams in Nigeria, with a focus on Bokolori Dam in Zamfara State, which has deteriorated due to lack of maintenance culture since its construction in the late 70s. This study also proffers Engineering recommendation and conclusion for the stated Dam.

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