Harmonics propagation and distortion caused by a nonlinear load in balance distribution network


Sunaryati Willy Ayunda

It is very useful to monitor and maintain a good power quality in an electric power system especially on the distribution network. This paper describes a numerical method for calculation the propagation and distortion of harmonics caused by a nonlinear load such as Adjustable Speed Drives (ASD) in a balance distribution network. ASD injects harmonics current into the network, which causes voltage distortion problems. Usually, the harmonics current, harmonics voltage, and Total Harmonics Distortion (THD) are used as indices of power quality in harmonics case. They can be calculated at every buses of a distribution network, as objective of this research. Another aim is to evaluate VTHD in every bus according to its limitation in IEEE Standard 519-1992. This research uses harmonics current spectrum of an ASD as sources and power flow study in ETAP Powerstation. Final conclusion of this work will be compared with the IEEE tests and ETAP Powerstation as a validation. The IEEE Test System 13-buses, a balance industrial system, were used as a case study. This work uses the Matlab software in m-file and the ETAP.

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