Non-governmental organizations??? service quality for development of basic education in Pakistan


M. Imran Yousuf1*, M. Tayab Alam2, M. Sarwar3 and M. Naseer-ud-Din4

In this paper, the authors discuss the role of education in the upliftment of the society and the provision of educational opportunities to masses by government and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). The major purpose of the present study was to observe the emergence of NGOs in the development of basic education in Pakistan. This study was a survey type used to identify the areas of working, general organizational structure and the achievements and services provided at basic education schools/ centres established by NGOs. A stratified sample of twenty two NGOs was selected among the NGOs enlisted in the directory of NGOs (Punjab, Pakistan) with their identified areas of educational activities. Interview schedule was used to gather data from concerned personnel and further official records were also observed to validate perceptual assessment. Tentative conclusions were drawn regarding the general structure, areas of operation, services, enrolment and facilities at centres by NGOs along with their future plans.

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