The assessment of the studies associated with the latest syllabus of physics course: The case of Turkey


Kismen Firend

The aim of this study is to state the points when choosing a method in studies concerning physics course new curriculum by evaluating researches whose topics are secondary physics course curriculum (in Turkey) in terms of subject, objective, method and consequences. 24 researches conducted within the lines of secondary physics course curriculum have been analyzed for this purpose. The data are collected by qualitative method and content analysis of data analysis is adopted. The study is conducted by teacher trainees, quantitative research methods are used because they benefit more frequently and data are gathered by surveys in light of findings gained in the survey. The research is done with teachers who actively teach in classes. The number of teachers with whom the research is done is inadequate; there is no sufficient number of studies in which the views of pupils and parents are considered. It has been also advocated that the number of books designed in line with the new curriculum is regarded insufficient by teachers and pupils. Either quantitative or qualitative study was usually conducted in the studies examined. The studies in which both of them are applied together are needed. An application needs to be initiated in which the curriculum is evaluated by all of the physics teachers and students in all provinces. The curriculum is absolutely revised and edited according to the most crucial result of the analyzed in this study.

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