Haematological changes associated with crude oil ingestion in experimental rabbits


S.S. Ovuru* and I.K.E. Ekweozor

Blood cell profile among experimental rabbits associated with crude oil ingestion were evaluated and was significantly (P<0.05) altered. Erythrocytes decreased linearly (P<0.05) indicating an anemic condition. The decrease also affected dependable factors such as packed cell volume (PVC) and haemoglobin (Hb). Leukocyctes, the main defense cells of the animal decreased linearly (P<0.05) further indicating susceptibility of the animal to stress and infection. Granulolytic leukocytes, which include neutrophils and eosinophils increased linearly (P<0.05). This increase is a physiological response to stress. Lymphocytes, antibody forming leukocytes decreased linearly, indicating a response to stress and susceptibility of the animal to infection. Crude oil fraction present in the diet has serious consequences on hematological parameters in animals.

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