Ultra structural study of gentamicin and ofloxacin effect on testis tissue in rats: Light and transmission electron microscopy.


Arash Khaki*, Marefat Ghaffari Novin, AmirAfshin Khaki, Fatemeh Fathiazad, Morteza Khaberi, Jafar Hossinchi and Reza sehizadeh

The aim of this study was to investigate the comparative effects of aminoglycosides and fluoroquinolones on testis tissue in rats. Thirty male Wister rats were randomly divided into control (n=10) and experimental (n=20) groups. The experimental groups subdivided into two groups of ten. Each received 5 mg/kg (IP) Gentamicin and 72 mg/kg (IP) Ofloxacin daily for 14 days, respectively; however, the control group just received vehicle (IP). In the fourteenth day, rats were killed and testis tissues were also prepared for light and electron microscopic study.Allanimalsexposedtodrugswereseenasdepletion of germ cells, germinal cells necrosis, especially in spermatogonia and Leydig cells had an abnormal fibroblast-like appearance, abnormal space between neighbor sertoli cells, mitochondria were lost cristae and vacuolated (none energized), lyzosome seen more in cytoplasm of sertoli cells, nucleus of moiled cell was done heterochromatin. Gentamicin and Ofloxacin have negative effects on testis architecture and germinal cells damagesn rats. Therefore, it is recommended that usage of this drug have harmful side effects on male fertility. 

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